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Table 1 Most important borehole databases used

From: Analysis of overdeepened valleys using the digital elevation model of the bedrock surface of Northern Switzerland

Source Extent
Dr. H. Jäckli AG, consultants, Zurich Emmental to Lake Constance
Dr. H. Naef, consultant, St. Gallen Fricktal, Zurich lowlands (Weinland), Canton Thurgau
Dr. von Moos AG, consultants, Zurich Northern part of Canton Zurich
Energy and Water Authority, Canton Bern Wohlensee to Burgdorf
Environmental Authority, Canton Solothurn Canton Solothurn
Federal Office of Water Management and Geology Entire Area
Geoform, consultants, Minusio Entire Area
Geothermal borehole database, Canton Aargau Canton Aargau
Geothermal borehole database, Schärli and Kohl (2002) Entire Area
Mengis & Lorenz, consultants, Lucerne Reuss, Rotach, Suhre and Lake Valleys (Canton Lucerne)
  1. In addition to these digital databases, all borehole indications from the Geological Atlas of Switzerland were digitised (map numbers: 22 Burgdorf, 28 Luzern, 60 Bielersee, 63 Murten, 67 Neuchâtel, 72 Solothurn, 76 Lyss, 84 Sursee, 89 Zug, 100 Bern, 102 Zurzach, 109 Büren a. A., 110 Frick, 116 Rigi, 120 Baden and 125 Romanshorn)