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Table 3 PT conditions for the rocks involved in the RCSZ and linking with the observed microstructures

From: Geometry and kinematics of the Roisan-Cignana Shear Zone, and the orogenic evolution of the Dent Blanche Tectonic System (Western Alps)

  1. Coloured boundaries around figures: light blue Roisan Zone; orange Arolla Series and Lower Unit, brown Cuney and Becca di Salé slices. Reference of methods used: (1) Gr thermometer (Beyssac et al. 2002); (2) Barometer (Dubacq et al. 2010); (3) Grt-Wm thermometer (Wu et al. 2002); (4) AlIV in Chl (Vidal et al. 2005, 2006)