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Table 3 Summary of P–T results from metabasites and surrounding metapelites

From: P–T conditions of metabasites within regional metapelites in far-eastern Nepal Himalaya and its tectonic meaning

Sample # Rock type Location Prograde Peak Retrograde References
M3104 Staurolite–garnet schist Near MCT 6–7 kbar, ca. 550 °CG 9-10 kbar, ca. 620 °CP, G,A,C   Imayama et al. (2010)
M3103 Amphibolite Near MCT 6–7.5 kbar, 550–590 °CP,C    This study
H1905 Amphibolite Base of the HHCS   2–5 kbar, 500–600 °CP,C   This study
H1205 Garnet–mica gneiss Base of the HHCS 11 kbar, ca. 590 °CG 11–12 kbar, ca. 640 °CG,A,C at 25–20 Ma   Imayama et al. (2010, 2012)
H2710 Sillimanite migmatite Near HHT   7–10 kbar, 730–780 °CP at 33–28 Ma 4–7 kbar, 650–725 °CP at 27–23 Ma Imayama et al. (2012)
H2608 Mafic granulite Near HHT   6.5–8 kbar, 730–750 °CP,C 6–7.5 kbar, 560–620 °CP This study
  1. P–T conditions are estimated using pseudosection modeling (P), average-P–T method (A), Gibbs method (G), and conventional geothermometer (C)