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Table 1 Elements of the categories for the system, components/processes, and properties/phenomena considered in the natural analogue database

From: Development of a natural analogue database to support the safety case of the Korean radioactive waste disposal program

System Components/processes Properties/Phenomena
EBS Silicate glass Devitirification
Radiation induced effects
Dissolution and alteration
Radionuclide retardation by secondary alteration products
Spent fuel Dissolution and radionuclide release
Radionuclide retardation by secondary alteration products
Metal Durability and longevity of iron and steel
Durability and longevity of copper
Radionuclide retardation by secondary alteration products
Bentonite Longevity of bentonite and the rate of alteration
Physico-chemical changes due to heating
Canister sinking
Interaction with other repository materials
Hydraulic barrier and colloid filter functions
Concrete and cement Durability of cement
Cement-rock-groundwater interactions
Radionuclide sorption
Colloid production and filtration
Gas and water permeability
Bonding properties of cement and concrete
Bitumen Durability and longevity
Groundwater leaching
Microbial degradation
Radiation induced degradation
Interaction with saline water
Organic material Cellulose degradation
Cellulose degradation products
Natural resins
Elemental solubility and speciation Elemental solubility
Host rock Elemental solubility and speciation Elemental solubility
Elemental retardation Transport and retardation within fractured crystalline rocks
Transport and retardation within argillaceous rock
Transport and retardation at the geosphere-biosphere interface
Measurement of in situ distribution coefficient
Matrix diffusion Depth and volume of interconnected porosity
Bulk rock chemical buffering capacity
Extent of matrix diffusion in sedimentary formation
Estimation of diffusion coefficient
Radiolysis Process involved in radiolysis of groundwater
Radiolysis in nature (how common is radiolysis in nature)
Potential buffering capacity of reduced iron corrosion phases
Redox front Redox front formation and behavior in crystalline rocks
Redox front formation and behaviour in argillaceous rocks
Radionuclide migration at a redox front
Colloids Populations of colloids in natural systems
Stability of colloids in natural systems
Radionuclide uptake and transport by colloids in natural system
Colloid in anthropogenic systems
Microbial activity Microbial populations at depth in natural systems
Tolerance to hyper alkaline conditions
Nutrient and energy availability
Gas generation and migration Gas production rates
Gas migration and reaction with the geosphere
Gas migration effects on solute transport
  1. EBS engineered barrier system