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Table 2 Categories of the application methods of natural analogue datasets used in the database

From: Development of a natural analogue database to support the safety case of the Korean radioactive waste disposal program

Method Categories (code) Description
Quantitative Input for safety and performance assessments (ISP) Direct application as input parameters for safety/performance assessments of a repository
Model validation (MV) Direct application in model development and validation for safety/performance assessments of a repository
Qualitative Scenario development including FEPs (SD) Indirect application as FEPs and scenario developments necessary for safety/performance assessment of a repository
Understanding improvement (UI) Direct application as information for understanding improvement on the behaviors of disposal system including EBS and NBS
  Demonstration and education (DE) Direct application as demonstration and education materials to the public and stakeholders for the radioactive waste disposal
  1. The abbreviations (codes) of the different categories are inserted in column 11 of the spreadsheet (Fig. 3)