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Table 3 Natural analogue information categorized as SL-1 (suitability level 1) based on the evaluation of suitability for the Korean safety case

From: Development of a natural analogue database to support the safety case of the Korean radioactive waste disposal program

System Components/processes Application method Properties/phenomena
EBS Spent fuel MV Dissolution rate and processes of spent fuel
MV Radiolysis effect on dissolution of spent fuel
DE Criticality of spent fuel
UI Formation and alteration of uranium minerals
Metal ISP, MV, DE Corrosion rate and corrosion products of copper
UI, DE Durability and longevity of copper
ISP Pitting factor of copper
MV, DE Durability and longevity of iron
MV, UI, DE Corrosion rate of iron
UI Radionuclide retardation by corrosion products of iron
Bentonite UI Colloid filtration by bentonite
DE Hydraulic barrier of bentonite
DE, UI Interactions of bentonite with other materials
DE Durability and longevity of bentonite
SD, UI Alteration of bentonite
UI Thermal alteration of bentonite
Concrete and cement MV, UI Interaction of cement with groundwater
UI Interaction of cement with rocks
DE Durability and longevity of cement and concrete
Host rock Elemental solubility and speciation MV Calculation and measurement of solubility and speciation of RNs in groundwater
Elemental retardation UI Radionuclide mobility in rocks
UI Radionuclide migration and retardation through rock fracture
UI Fracture filling and coating materials
UI Interactions of RNs with minerals/oxides
MV, SD Migration model development and validation
ISP, UI Determination of distribution coefficient
Matrix diffusion ISP, MV, UI Rock matrix diffusion depths
ISP, MV, UI Rock matrix diffusion coefficients
Radiolysis UI Effects of radiolysis in the groundwater
MV, UI Gas generation rate by radiolysis
Redox front UI Migration and retardation in the redox front
MV, UI Migration of redox front
Colloids ISP, UI Characteristics of aquatic colloids
ISP, UI Radionuclide uptake by colloids
ISP, UI RN migration by colloids
Microbial activity UI Characteristics of microbes
UI Migration and retardation of RNs by microbes
Gas generation and migration UI Gas migration and reactions with the geosphere
ISP, UI Gas generation rate
  1. For explanation of the abbreviations in the “Application method” column, see Table 2