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Table 1 Detailed benthic foraminiferal assemblages, and bathymetric regimes etablished in the southern Galala Sub-basin

From: Sequence stratigraphy and depositional environments of Late Cretaceous–Early Palaeogene succession, North Eastern Desert, Egypt

Biofacies Benthic assemblages Bathymetric regimes
Biofacies A Frondicularia spp., Laevidentalina legumen, Vaginulinopsis midwayana, Gaudryina sp. and Spiroplectinella henryi. Besides the common nominative MF species, of various Cibicidoides succedens, Ramulina navarroana, Vaginulina sp., Lagena globosa, Lagena hispida, Bolivina midwayensis, Neoflabellina paleocenica, Anomalinoides welleri, Nodosaria semispinosa, Chrysalogonium tappanae, Anomalinoides midwayensis, and Marginulinopsis tuberculata Inner to middle neritic
Biofacies B Composed of most species of the biofacies A and Valvulineria spp., Tritaxia midwayensis, Stilostomella paleocenica, Lenticulina cultrate, and Neoflabellina semireticulata Outer nertic
Biofacies C Cibicidoides alleni, Chrysalogonium elongatum, Dentalina eocenica, Cibicidoides vulgaris, and Nodosaria semispinosa Proximal upper bathyal
Biofacies D Gavelinella danica, G. dayi, Spiroplectinella dentate, Cibicidoides alleni, Nuttallides truempyi, Gavelinella danica and Gyroidinoides globosus Distal upper to middle bathyal