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Table 6 Local seismic networks with on-line data acquisition operational at the end of 2014

From: Earthquakes in Switzerland and surrounding regions during 2014

Code Station name Type
Basel borehole network
MATTE Schüzenmatte (553) SP (4.5 Hz)
OTER1 Otterbach (500) BB, SM
OTER2 Otterbach (2740) SP (4.5 Hz)
St. Gallen network
SGT00 Sennhüslen (SP @ 205) SP (4.5 Hz), SM
SGT01 Gaiserwald BB
SGT02 Zihlschlacht BB
SGT03 Degersheim BB
SGT04 Schlatt-Haslen BB
SGT05 Eggersriet BB
Rock Physics Lab monitoring networks
MTI01 Mont Terri, ME Nische, JU SM
MTI02 Mont Terri, HE Schacht, JU BB
MTI03 Mont Terri, Brunefarine, St-Ursanne, JU SM
GSF01 Oberhasli, Gelmersee, BE SP
  1. The numbers in parentheses next to the borehole stations are the sensor depth with respect to ground surface in meters
  2. Instrument type (all three-component): SP  1-s, unless otherwise indicated, BB broad-band, SM accelerometer