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Table 1 Summary of the setups of the different in situ diffusion experiments

From: Exploring diffusion and sorption processes at the Mont Terri rock laboratory (Switzerland): lessons learned from 20 years of field research

  1. * The setup of DI-B was very similar to that of DI-A1, with interval length 0.6 m, source volume ~30 L, bedding at 32° and duration ~1/2001-2006. Only stable isotopes were used as tracers: HDO, I-, 6Li+ and 87Rb+ (Soler et al. 2008)
  2. aTracers added in lower interval; no tracers detected in upper interval
  3. bTracers added in upper two intervals; bottom interval only for pressure monitoring
  4. cNo consistent simulations for borehole and profile data of iodide could be obtained (bh data seem to be affected by sorption), so iodide data were not presented in Palut et al. (2003)
  5. dbh: circulated borehole fluid time series; pro: rock profiles
  6. ePalut et al. (2003), Tevissen and Soler (2003)
  7. fGómez-Hernández and Guardiola-Albert (2004), Tevissen and Soler (2003)
  8. gVan Loon et al. (2004b)
  9. hWersin et al. (2008, 2010), Soler et al. (2013)
  10. iGimmi et al. (2014)
  11. jSoler et al. (2014)