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Table 3 Summary of the average nitrate reduction rates (in mM day−1) observed in the in situ tests of the BN experiment, either in the absence or in the presence of additional electron donors, i.e. acetate or H2, as indicated in Table 2

From: Impact of the electron donor on in situ microbial nitrate reduction in Opalinus Clay: results from the Mont Terri rock laboratory (Switzerland)

Test code \({\text{NO}}_{3}^{ - }\) reduction rate in absence of additional electron donors \({\text{NO}}_{3}^{ - }\) reduction rate in presence of additional electron donors
INT1_2011 0.04
INT1_2014 0.02 0.2–0.7
INT2_2011a 0.8
INT2_2011b 1
INT2_2013 0.02 1.2