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Table 4 Total amount of gases (in mmoles) present in Interval 2 after complete consumption of acetate (after 78 days) and in Interval 1 after pulse injection with H2 (after 78 days)

From: Impact of the electron donor on in situ microbial nitrate reduction in Opalinus Clay: results from the Mont Terri rock laboratory (Switzerland)

Gas species Interval 1 Interval 2
In solution In gas phase
N2 0.012 3.5 1.7
N2O <0.2 <0.03 0.37
H2 5.5 1.1 × 103 n.a.
O2 <0.004 <0.6 n.a.
CO2 0.1 0.02 n.a.
  1. For Interval 1, the amount of gases present in solution and in the gas phase of the HEU is given. Due to the absence of a gas phase in Interval 2, the total amount of gases is only represented by the amount of dissolved gases in the interval solution
  2. n.a. not analyzed