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Fig. 14

From: Multiple Quaternary erosion and infill cycles in overdeepened basins of the northern Alpine foreland

Fig. 14

Paleo-channel and Beringen maximum extent modified after Graf (2009)

Schematic illustration of the inferred ice-margin position during the Beringen Glaciation (~ MIS6) with emphasis on evidence for a Late Beringen re-advance (frontal position IV) in the Glatt valley and surrounding areas at the end of MIS6 (~ 150–130 ka). Together with the most extensive Beringen Glaciation advances (frontal positions II and III) and a potential early advance into the Middle Glatt valley (frontal positions I, Hagenholz advance) a total of up to four glaciation phases can be distinguished. DAR: Dachsen OSL sampling site of the Schaffhausen Gravel Fm (Preusser and Graf 2002; Graf 2009; Lowick et al. 2015); Weiach (U/Th): U/Th sampling site of the Weiach Gravel Fm (see Graf 2009); NW07: Anselmetti et al. (2010); NW09: Dehnert et al. (2012).

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