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Table 1 Sedimentary key attributes for distinguishing the five defined subfacies within the BDM-B2 core

From: Multi-proxy facies analysis of the Opalinus Clay and depositional implications (Mont Terri rock laboratory, Switzerland)

Core BDM-B2 Sedimentary petrography
Colour Grain size Composition Bioturbation Structure/bedding
SF1 Dark grey Fine mudstone Argillaceous Weakly bioturbated Homogeneous
SF2 Medium-dark grey Medium mudstone Argillaceous–siliceous Sparsely bioturbated Laminated
SF3 Medium grey Coarse to sandy mudstone Siliceous–argillaceous Moderately bioturbated Lenticular
SF4 Medium-light grey Sandy mudstone to muddy sandstone Siliceous–calcareous Strongly bioturbated Lenticular to flaser
SF5 Light grey Sandy mudstone to muddy sandstone Calcareous Churned Homogeneous