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Table 1 Distribution of the identified species among the samples

From: Biostratigraphy of large benthic foraminifera from Hole U1468A (Maldives): a CT-scan taxonomic approach

Species 7H-CC 15F-CC 22F-CC 29F-CC 107X-CC 108X-CC 109X-CC 110X-CC
N. ex. interc. ruttenii-martini X X X X     
N. transiens    X X     
N. ex. interc. isolepidinoides-sumatrensis      X X   
C. annulatus X X X X     
C. eidae      X    
H. (V.) borneensis      X X X  
Heterostegina (V.) sp. 1        X X
O. cf. heterosteginoides      X X   
O. complanata     X    X  
Operculina sp. 1      X X X X
Nummulitidae sp. 1 X X X X     
A. lessonii X X X X     
A. mammilla      X X X X
Sphaerogypsina sp. 1     X     
Sphaerogypsina sp. 2       X