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Table 1 List of detrital zircon samples analysed with corresponding outcrop locations and rock composition

From: U–Pb zircon provenance of Triassic sandstones, western Swiss Alps: implications for geotectonic history

Samples Locations Composition
Swiss grid coordinates (m) Latitude and longitude
LC-2 564565 006°58′50″E Subarkose
  103763 46°05′04″N  
LC-4 564824 006°59′02″E Subarkose
  103931 46°05′09.5″N  
EM-2 559029 006°54′32.4″E Subarkose
  103587 46°04′57.2″N  
EM-8 557755 006°53′34.4″E Arkose
  100562 46°03′19.0″N