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Table 6 Zircon U–Pb data

From: The Theodul Glacier Unit, a slab of pre-Alpine rocks in the Alpine meta-ophiolite of Zermatt-Saas, Western Alps

PropertiesWeight µgU ppmTh/UPbc pg206/204207/235 abs2 σ206/2382 σ absrho207/2062σ abs206/238 Ma2 σ abs207/235 Ma2 σ abs207/2062 σ absDisc  %
Z sp [1]14060.410.716070.320950.001970.0442390.0001340.630.052620.00025279.10.8282.61.5312.411.010.9
Z eq sbr [1]82660.491.247290.308980.000940.0430710.0000900.780.052030.00010271.80.6273.40.7286.74.35.3
Z eq sbr-an [1]211080.450.778030.300060.001280.0419440.0001600.930.051880.00008264.91.0266.41.0280.33.65.6
Z eq sp [1]51690.482.49220.292270.002120.0409280.0000830.470.051790.00034258.60.5260.31.7276.214.96.5
Z eq sbr [8]114940.430.941010.287100.001310.0403940.0001420.860.051550.00012255.30.9256.31.0265.45.43.9
Z eq an [1]92100.441.143850.281230.000910.0395150.0000840.750.051620.00011249.80.5251.60.7268.54.97.1
Zslp-fr cloudy [1]103790.602.629800.226020.000780.0322330.0000730.760.050860.00012204.50.5206.90.6234.35.212.9
Z eu sp cloudy [1]132350.571.052130.198780.000550.0284130.0000550.800.050740.00009180.60.3184.10.5229.13.921.5
Z tip cloudy [1]15030.475.51590.172420.004360.0243680.0000900.390.05130.0012155.20.6161.53.8255.154.539.6
  1. (a) All zircon grains treated with chemical abrasion (Mattinson 2005); eq = equamt; sp = short-prismatic; sbr = subrounded; an = anhedral: fr = fragment [1] = number of grains
  2. (b) Weight and concentrations are known to better than 10%, except those of about 1 µg know to about 50%
  3. (c) Th/U model ratio inferred from 208/206 ratio and age of sample
  4. (d) Pbc = total common Pb in sample (initial + blank)
  5. (e) Raw data, corrected for fractionation and spike
  6. (f) Corrected for fractionation, spike, blank (206/204 = 18.3; 207/204 = 15.555) and initial common Pb (based on Stacey and Kramers 1975); error calculated by propagating the main sources of uncertainty