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Table 2 List of other vertebrate material from Moutier, Switzerland, found together with A. greppini

From: Re-description of the sauropod dinosaur Amanzia (“Ornithopsis/Cetiosauriscus”) greppini n. gen. and other vertebrate remains from the Kimmeridgian (Late Jurassic) Reuchenette Formation of Moutier, Switzerland

Collec-tion no.MaterialTaxonomic assignmentPrevious mentionAnnotations
M.H. 350ToothCeratosauriaGreppin (1870: p. 339, Pl. 1, fig. 1a–c), Huene (1922: p. 80)On the basis of this tooth, the material of C. greppini was initially assigned to a theropod dinosaur “Megalosaurus meriani
M.H. 247VertebraTeleosauridaeNoneNone
M.H. 303Fragment of right premaxillaTeleosauridaeNone 
M.H. 309Bone fragment, possibly vertebral fragmentTeleosauridaeNoneDetermination uncertain
M.H. 329Mandibular remain, possibly fragmentary articularTeleosauridaeNoneNone
M.H. 351Caudal vertebra with small fragment of transverse processTeleosauridaeHuene (1922: p. 89)None
M.H. 352Dorsal vertebraTeleosauridaeHuene (1922: p. 89, fig. 24a–c)Described by Huene (1922) as cervical vertebra.
M.H. 370Fragment of left premaxillaTeleosauridaeHuene (1922: p. 81, fig. 3)Described by Huene (1922) as neural spine of a mid-caudal vertebra