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Table 4 Measurements of bones of A. greppini, from Moutier, Switzerland: Presacral vertebrae, dorsal ribs

From: Re-description of the sauropod dinosaur Amanzia (“Ornithopsis/Cetiosauriscus”) greppini n. gen. and other vertebrate remains from the Kimmeridgian (Late Jurassic) Reuchenette Formation of Moutier, Switzerland

M.H. 265, cervical vertebra186a70a61a25a64a24171a
M.H. 267, cervical vertebra141a71a5716a71a
M.H. 268, cervical vertebral cotyla48a87a
M.H. 299, dorsal vertebral centrum78a86a27a84a
M.H. 365, cervical vertebral cotyla51a53a
M.H. 266, presacral left prezygapophysis224259a111a21a  
M.H. 291, dorsal rib3087a51a    
M.H. 292, dorsal rib2171    
M.H. 293, dorsal rib12a119a    
M.H. 306, dorsal rib9a96a    
M.H. 316, dorsal rib19a27a    
M.H. 328, dorsal rib14a53a    
M.H. 334, dorsal rib16a58a    
  1. CL centrum length, CHd centrum height at diapophysis, CH centrum height at condylus/preserved height of vertebral cotyla, CW centrum width at condylus/preserved width of vertebral cotyla, HD preserved dorsoventral height of diapophysis, LD minimum (distal) craniocaudal length of diapophysis, VH total vertebral height, BA maximum breadth of articular surface, LA length of articular surface, PH preserved height, PL preserved length, PW preserved width, PDW preserved distalmost shaft width, PL preserved length, WH width at rib head. All measurement are in mm
  2. aIndicates that the measurements refers only to preserved dimension at the incomplete and compressed bone