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Table 5 Measurements of bones of A. greppini, from Moutier, Switzerland: Caudal vertebrae

From: Re-description of the sauropod dinosaur Amanzia (“Ornithopsis/Cetiosauriscus”) greppini n. gen. and other vertebrate remains from the Kimmeridgian (Late Jurassic) Reuchenette Formation of Moutier, Switzerland

M.H. 2212714a92a26
M.H. 23817887a93a41a37a
M.H. 23918692a96a44a41a
M.H. 24015129a33a3770a71a
M.H. 242101a69a83a26a
M.H. 24399a64a67a24a
M.H. 2441191622611859a13a
M.H. 24511127a29a5027a54a63a10a
M.H. 24892a31a55a34a70a
M.H. 249143a26a33a34a72a76a
M.H. 25011950a63a69a52a20a25a
M.H. 25114645a29a37a82a66a
M.H. 25216229a30a8539a69a85a11a
M.H. 25311526a28a6129a54a58a
M.H. 25412728a29a7224a72a77a
M.H. 2559361a62a4462a31a30a
M.H. 25611832a30a31a58a63a
M.H. 25711871a73a6674a42a33a11a
M.H. 25812267a71a18a275988a32a41a7a
M.H. 2713039a111a375633a9936a32a212a131a28
M.H. 27220v64a100a100a
M.H. 273914569a39a125a130a28a
M.H. 27441a76a8864a27a106a8810323a
M.H. 2751541a6278243442a2330a23a152a74a99a19
M.H. 2761629a5990334845a502429a149a73a89a26
M.H. 27716a44a102109a28a41a78a3618a178a123124a24a
M.H. 27842106a128103a26171a12313731
M.H. 27946a98a117a76a121a95a115a
M.H. 280253799125293810223192a10613833
M.H. 28620/23a79a47a
M.H. 288109a25a
M.H. 29540a74a
M.H. 29762a82a43a
M.H. 30026a/69a90a29a
M.H. 3047a41a71a29a
M.H. 33574a62a3662a25a
M.H. 3429966a68a6924a
M.H. 353977641a70a28
M.H. 354/3558872a67a65a27a24a
M.H. 36928a/58a10939a
M.H. 37116/62a76a27a
M.H. 44915a11286a26a2664a102a34a9a
M.H. 45017/18a73a41
  1. Bns breadth of neural spine at the base/dorsalmost breadth, CL centrum length, Hca height of caudal articular surface, Hcr height of cranial articular surface, Hfn height of foramen neuralis, Hna height of neural arch, Hns height of neural spine, Htp height of caudal rib or transverse process, Lna length of neural arch, Lns length of base of neural spine, VH total vertebral height, Wca width of caudal articular surface, Wcr width of cranial articular surface, Wfn width of foramen neuralis. All measurement are in mm
  2. aIndicates that the measurements refers only to preserved dimension at the incomplete bone