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Table 6 Measurements of bones of A. greppini, from Moutier, Switzerland: Girdles

From: Re-description of the sauropod dinosaur Amanzia (“Ornithopsis/Cetiosauriscus”) greppini n. gen. and other vertebrate remains from the Kimmeridgian (Late Jurassic) Reuchenette Formation of Moutier, Switzerland

M.H. 284, left coracoid111a11910294a
M.H. 344, right scapula244a79a
M.H. 346, left pubis283a92a88a
M.H. 347, left pubis267a61a96a
M.H. 359, left pubis87a3676a
M.H. 358, left ischium72a226a72a165a
M.H. 368, left scapula131a182a92a
  1. DW width of distal end = ventral end of pubis and ischium, dorsal end of scapula/dorsoventral height of coracoid, GL greatest length/craniocaudal length of coracoid, LBS least width of shaft, LDO largest diameter of obturator foramen (applies only to pubis), LG length of glenoid (applies only to scapula and coracoid), PW width of proximal end/at coracoid length of sternal articular surface
  2. aIndicates that the measurements refers only to preserved dimension at the incomplete bone