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Table 3 Results of the zircon fission track analysis

From: The relation between peak metamorphic temperatures and subsequent cooling during continent–continent collision (western Central Alps, Switzerland)

SampleU ppmCryst. No.SpontaneousInducedP(χ)2DispersionAgeError
LBS-056532052.8259102.248271.30.0217.5± 1.7
LBS-077042057.7289109.755063.90.0117.8± 1.7
LBS-1042118145.142866.1195330.173.8± 7.9
LBS-1133920172.759452.618165.40.02109.7± 11.5
LBS-1711021973.9305179.774234.20.1813.8± 1.3
Lo-14-29882049.6278147.28252.50.2511.5± 1.1
Lo-14-49092060.1307154.2788260.0613.3± 1.2
LB-136992024.1356110.3162731.60.098.4± 0.7
  1. Ages were calculated using the zeta calibration method (Hurford and Green 1983), glass dosimeter IRMM541, and a zeta value of 101 ± 8 year/cm2 (S. Erne-Schmid) calculated with Fish Canyon Tuff zircon standards
  2. ρs: the spontaneous (induced) track density (105 tracks/cm2); Ns: the number of counted spontaneous (induced) tracks; ρd: the dosimeter track density (105 tracks/cm2); Ni: the number of tracks counted on the dosimeter; P(χ)2: the probability of obtained Chi-square value for n degree of freedom (where n is the number of crystals minus 1)