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Fig. 9

From: Mimicking Alpine thrusts by passive deformation of synsedimentary normal faults: a record of the Jurassic extension of the European margin (Mont Fort nappe, Pennine Alps)

Fig. 9

Topographic base © swisstopo (BA20045). b Detailed map of the Plan de l’Homme area. Topographic base ©1990 Cadastre VS. c Detailed map of the Pas d’Arpilles area. Topographic base ©1990 Cadastre VS

Detailed geological maps of the Artsinol area (Hérens and Dix valleys). Own data completed with a synthesis of the existing maps (Allimann 1990; Swisstopo Geocover mapping; and the unpublished diploma theses of the University of Lausanne from Moix and Stampfli 1980 and Kramar 1997). Fig. 12a, Fig.12b, etc. refer to the locations of the outcrops of Fig. 12. D-D’ refer to the cross-section of Fig. 10. L1-L4 refer to the logs of Fig. 15. a General map.

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