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Table 1 Petrography and structural characteristics of samples

From: Subduction of a rifted passive continental margin: the Pohorje case of Eastern Alps–constraints from geochronology and geochemistry

Sample no. Coordinates WGS-84 Lithology Mineral assemblage Microscopic structures DT (°C)”
SK1 N 46°25.8’ E 15°32.4’ Augengneiss Augen (25%): Kfs + Qtz; 1–1.5 mm.
Matrix(75%): Qtz + Pl + Kfs + Bi; Ms<2% with a size of 0.05–0.5 mm
Qtz: fine-grained, undulatory extinction, deformation bands, BLG, SGR; Kfs: BLG, deformation twins; Pl: micro-fractures; Bi: oriented.
Stretching lineation, augen structure.
± 500
SK2 N 46°25.7’ E 15°32.4’ Augengneiss Augen (20%): Kfs + Qtz; 0.5–1 mm.
Matrix(80%): Qtz + Pl + Kfs + Bi; Ms<2%¸ grain-size: 0.05–0.5 mm
Qtz: monocrystals elongated, partly undulatory extinction; Fsp: elongated, BLG; Pl: deformation twins; Bi: oriented.
Stretching lineation, augen structure.
± 500
SK10 N 46°25.1’ E 15°31.3’ Leucogneiss Qtz: 25%; Pl: 25%; Kfs: 30%; Ms: 8%; Grt: 5%. Qtz: fine-grained, SGR; Kfs: micro-fractures
Pl: albite twins; Ms: oriented; garnet: core-rim structure
± 600
SK12 N 46°25.1’ E 15°29.0’ Leucogneiss Qtz:30%; Pl:20%; Kfs:25%; Ms: 10%, Grt: 3%, Bi: < 3% Qtz: fine grained, weakly elongated, SGR, GBM; Kfs: micro-fractures; myrmekitic texture in Kfs grains ± 600
  1. Qtz: quartz; Fsp, feldspar; Pl, plagioclase; Afs, alkali feldspar; Bi, biotite; Ms, muscovite; BLG, bulging; SGR, subgrain rotation; GBM (grain boundary migration); DT, deformation temperature, which is estimated based on Stipp et al. (2002a, 2002b, 2010)