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Fig. 10

From: Late Palaeozoic tectonics in Central Mediterranean: a reappraisal

Fig. 10

taken from Clemens and Wall (1981): CW; Vielzeuf and Montel (1994): VM; (Vielzeuf 2001): VS.W = H2O-saturated haplogranite solidus (Singh and Johannes 1996). The maximally relaxed geotherm (V∞) for reasonable heat supply after thrusting is after (Thompson and England 1984). V∞ coincides with the geotherm for the c. 280–260 Ma crust of the Alpine area (SS08) from Schuster and Stüwe (2008). These geotherms are used here to estimate the pressure for the retrograde evolution along the BCVZ (Bocca di Civenti Shear Zone)

a Schematic geological map of Alpine and Crystalline (or “Autochtonous”) Corsica. Developed after Cocherie et al. (2005) and Lin et al. (2018). b Simplified Mesozoic paleotectonic frame with indication of the domains discussed in the text and their relative positions. c Geological map of the Alpine Santa Lucia nappe, with (c1) a tectonic scheme of its Alpine orogenic framework (continuous black line trace of cross-section in (d); d Cross-section of Santa Lucia Nappe between E Corte and Santa Lucia di Mercurio, vertical = horizontal scale; e Schematic cross-section through the Santa Lucia pre-Alpine basement (i.e. the western part of Santa Lucia Nappe, cfr. (d). The orientation of foliation and lineation and the shear sense remain nearly constant during all deformation stages and states, solid-state (High- and Low-Temperature HT, LT, magmatic to submagmatic), as documented in the equal-area projection plots (see also Zibra et al. 2010; 2102 and unpublished data IZ and GM). f P–T conditions for the crystallization of the Granite Complex, for the Diorite-Granite Complex and for M1 and M2 assemblages in the Santa Lucia Shear Zone (modified after Zibra et al. 2012). Al2SiO5 phase relations are calculated using winTWQ. The α-/β-quartz transition is from Gross and Heege (1973). Equilibrium (1) is the geothermometer Alm + Phl = Prp + Ann; equilibrium (2) is the geobarometer 2 Alm + Grs + 3 βQtz = 6Fs + 3 An. J: solidus for the tonalite system (biotite-plagioclase-quartz) from Johannes (1984); other fluid-absent solidi for granitoid systems are

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