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Table 1 Attempt to correlate deformation phases D1 to D5 from this study with previous work (Burkhard 1988; Brückner and Zbinden 1987; Funk et al. 1983; Pfiffner 2015; Milnes and Pfiffner 1977; Rolland et al. 2009; Schenker 1980; Wehrens et al. 2017; Wyss 1986)

From: Structural and thermal evolution of the eastern Aar Massif: insights from structural field work and Raman thermometry

Domain References Deformation phases
Eastern Aar Massif This study D1 D2 D3 D4 D5
Funk et al. (1983), Schenker (1980), Brückner and Zbinden (1987) Griessstock and Kammlistock nappe emplacement, Helvetic Nappe emplacement, Hochfulen phase Windgällen phase Schwarzstöckli phase
Milnes and Pfiffner (1977) Cavestrau phase? Calanda phase? Calanda phase? Ruchi phase
Central Aar Massif Wehrens et al. (2017), Herwegh et al. (2020) Handegg phase Oberaar phase, Pfaffenchopf phase Gadmen faults
Rolland et al. (2009) Stage 1 stage 2, stage 3? Stage 3?
Burkhard (1988), Pfiffner (2015) Kiental phase? Kiental phase Grindelwad phase Grindelwad phase
Urseren-Garvera zone Wyss (1986) D1 D2 D3 Post-D3