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Fig. 3

From: Eclogitic metamorphism in the Alpine far-west: petrological constraints on the Banchetta-Rognosa tectonic unit (Val Troncea, Western Alps)

Fig. 3

modified from Corno et al., 2021); D2 folds transpose S1 compositional banding and develop S2 axial plane schistosity, D3 tectono-metamorphic event is expressed by S3 crenulation cleavage

a Lithostratigraphic succession of the North La Grangia section. Red polygon shows the location of the analyzed sample, used for P–T pseudosection modeling. Acronyms are: CBm, Ab + Chl micaschist; a, quartzite levels; b, Cld + Ph-bearing glaucophanic schist; c, fine-grained gneiss; d, metabasite body with meta-aplites (white bodies); CBq, Ph-bearing quartzite; b Field photograph of the metabasite body (d) within the Ab + Chl micaschist of the North La Grangia section. The main foliation (S1) is highlighted by whitish meta-aplites layers and is sub-parallel to primary lithological surface, S2 grows in axial plane of D2 folds; c Lithostratigraphic succession of the Vallonetto section. Red polygons show the location of analyzed samples, used for P–T pseudosection modeling. Acronyms are: CVpm, Jd-bearing gneissic micaschist; CVbm, Gr-bearing micaschist; m, Tlc + Aeg-bearing impure marble; CVm, Cld-bearing micaschist; g, Cld-bearing glaucophanite bodies; fg, fine-grained gneiss; dq, dark quartzites; d Field photograph of Jd-bearing gneissic micaschist of the Vallonetto section (

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