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Fig. 2

From: Earthquakes in Switzerland and surrounding regions during 2017 and 2018

Fig. 2

(Adopted from Egli and Mancktelow (2013), Heuberger et al. (2016), Mock and Herwegh (2017), Vouillamoz, et al. (2017), and Swisstopo (2005))

All epicentres and selected focal mechanisms of earthquakes recorded by the Swiss Seismological Service: a during 2017; b during 2018. Events and focal mechanisms (lower hemisphere projections) discussed in the text are Göschenen (GOE), Urnerboden (URB), Vallorcine (VAL), Grenchen (GRE), Daillon (DAI), St. Silvester (STS), Château-d'Oex (CDO), Zug (ZUG), Anzère (ANZ), Klostertal (KLT), Herrischried (HER), Rhinegraben (RIG), Châtel-St-Denis (CSD), Dent de Morcles (DDM), Martigny (MAR), Fribourg/Tafers (FRI), and Sion (SIO). Additional events with focal mechanisms are listed in Additional file 1: Table S4. Colour of focal mechanism indicates focal depth. Background colours outline major tectonic units after Swisstopo (2005). Grey solid and dashed lines indicate faults and fault systems. AM Aar Massif, CZ Chamonix/Mont Blanc shear zone, EF Engadine fault, FF Fribourg fault zone, PF Pontarlier fault zone, PT Penninic thrust, RSL Rhone-Simplon Line, SgF St. Gallen fault zone, SoF Solothurn fault zone, VF Vuache fault

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